Together, we will make your Kickstarter a success

Thanks to my years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Community Building and Content Creation, I have all the skills you need to support your Kickstarter campaign.

My name is Eliot Miller and for the past 4 years I have be running social media, writing blogs, producing videos and devising content strategy for a wide range of products.

My real passion however, is games and gaming events. I successfully ran my own Kickstarter campaign to a fund a Board Game “Mini-Con”, and I run regular meetups for board game designers to get together, playtest games, and share their expertise. I also design and release my own games.

I intimately know the Board Gaming scene as well as what goes into running a successfully Kickstarter campaign, so let my skills do the hard work for you. 

Kickstarter Consultation

Receive a social media and content marketing plan for your campaign, in this one-off 1hr30min session.

  • Social Media Plan
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Kickstarter Planning Tips

Kickstarter Coaching

Get coaching and advice on Social Media for the duration of your Kickstarter campaign.

  • Social Media Feedback
  • Daily Check-Ins
  • Kickstarter Page Review

Full Kickstarter Support

I will work with you every step of the way to deliver a marketing plan that will work for your campaign.

  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Plan
  • Kickstarter Page Writing

Social Media Expert

From Virtual Reality games to Bio-Tech Hardware, my diverse experience in social media marketing will work for any Kickstarter project.

Skilled Content Creator

Blogs, Videos, Live Streams, Events and Emails have always been a critical part of my professional career. I can help your content shine and deliver results.

Flexible Consulting​

No sleazy upselling or corporate talk to make your head spin. I love creators, and I have been one myself. I will listen to you and to devise a plan that is best for you.

In this plan, we will arrange a call (or face-to-face meet if possible) to discuss a marketing plan for your Kicstarter over the course of an hour and a half. 

At this call, I will already have researched your social media presence, and reviewed any existing content or Kickstarter prep-work you have done. In addition, I will take a look at your project – your game for instance – and investigate the competition you might be up against. Then, over the duration of our conversation, I will work with you to devise a marketing strategy that best suits your Kickstarter project, focusing on how to leverage social media and content.

After the call, I will send you a complete plan that will guide you on how to promote your Kickstarter Campaign.

The Kickstarter Coaching plan offers you guidance and advice for the duration of your Kicstarter campaign.

I will check-in with you daily on how your marketing efforts are going, and give you expert advice on how to best leverage social media. I will also offer you feedback on blogs, videos, social media posts and your marketing strategy as a whole.

I will come to these check-ins having already reviewed your social media posts, blogs, Kickstarter updates, videos or emails, and I will also be available to review this content and offer feedback, before it is sent out to your potential backers.

This is the whole package! We will work together to devise a marketing plan that best suits you, before your campaign starts, and I will be with you every step of the way through your crowdfunding campaign to assist in making your Kickstarter project a success.

In addition to creating a marketing strategy for you and coaching you on social media best practices, I will also be available to do the legwork for you. For my hourly rate, I can write all of your social media posts, promotional emails, and edit both your Kickstarter Page and promotional videos. All of my skills in community building and content creation will be at your disposal!

A few years ago I started running playtesting meetups for board game designers (like me) in my local area.
Soon, I was getting lots of requests from fellow designers for advice on marketing their Kickstarter campaigns. 
Now, I am offering that advice as a professional service. My availability may be limited depending on other projects, but reach out to me regardless! I’m sure I have time to give you my Kickstarter Consultation, and if not, I am happy to chat about your project anyway.
I love working with creators, and seeing their hard work pay off. It would be an absolute delight for me to work with you on making your Kickstarter dreams a reality.
That to me, is the most “Gosu” thing I could do.