Six Months ago I go an ADD diagnosis.

It’s taken me a long time to accept that it’s “real”. I’m from the UK, and I’d say that generally, people in the UK don’t really see ADD as a “thing”. In fact, since I started reading Driven to Distraction I have found out that for a long time leading British pediactrincians did not think ADHD or ADD were real conditions, and even when they did concede it might exist, they still considered American doctors to be overzealous in their diagnosis.

Now I am taking my ADD more seriously and I want to connect with other ADD folk in the in the gaming industry. So this GDC, join me for a casual hangout at Mint Plaza, behind the San Francisco Mint!

> ADD @ GDC Meetup <

This event is intended for anyone attending GDC who has ADD or ADHD.

Come chat with other ADD folks about GDC, working in the games industry with ADD, or none of those things if you want – this is a casual social event after all!

This is an open meetup at Mint Plaza, behind the San Francisco Mint at 5th & Mission St from 12:30pm -1:30pm. This is a public place, so please respect it and keep it clean.

For lunch, I reccomend a Bahn Mi at Latte Express or an Acai Bowl if the food truck is there. You can also grab a coffee from Blue Bottle, but I suggest getting there early to beat the lunch rush.

Feel free to attend if:

  • You have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis
  • You are looking at getting a diagnosis, or think you might need one.
  • You are interested in how to work better with co-workers who have ADD or ADHD.
  • Or you’re just supporting a friend!

Location: Mint Plaza, San Francisco Mint at 5th & Mission St

Time: 12:30pm -1:30pm

Free to attend. Please respect public spaces.

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Eliot Miller is a Community Manager, who has previously worked for a mix of B2B and B2C clients, from video streaming technologies to Virtual Reality games. In his free time he designs games, runs community events and watches a lot of esports.