When I started working at Sansar as Community Manager, it wasn’t long before I realised building was the core “fun” of the platform. Like other social VR platforms where, you can build your own worlds, customise your avatar and hangout with varying degrees of interactivity.

I started out doing a weekly Twitch stream as a kind of hazing with the community. Episode one, I just turned up an hit the “Create” button, deliberately without any prepeartion.

Now I love building. Its like playing with Lego and Level Design at the sane time. So here are some of the places I’ve made!

Apartment Complex Delta

A Cyberpunk apartment building complete with central plaza and subway stations. My most ambitious build, and fittingly its the most sprawling one too.

It started out as the simple idea of building a sleek “Wallace’s office in Blade Runner 2049” style apartment for the purposes of playing the tabletop cyberpunk RPG, Shadowrun, in VR.

However, I couldn’t stop there. It need to be in an apartment building, and where was that going to be? And it quickly grew and grew.

Now the Apatment Complex links out to the various apartments to save on load times, as well as linking to quite a few other cyberpunk worlds in Sansar.

I’m really please with how the light looks, and thanks to what I’ve learnt more about animated textures its really getting cyberpunk in there. Feel free to peruse the Ads, you might find a few things you can buy!

Apt 101 & 202

Realising that Apartment Complex Delta was now too large to load into and smoothly run the apartment as well, I split up the apartments into their own experiences.

Apt. 101 expanded off the original design, featuring soft amber light, smooth concrete and long Film Noir shadows.

Free to add more to the apartment now that it was in its own server instance, I added a secret study behind a moving wall. Inside is a keypad locked safe. You’d have to be a real film nerd to get the code from the description, but you might do it with some googling.

Apt. 202 is a clone of the same apartment, but with a totally different look: neon pinks and cyans in a nighttime setting.

I ran with the idea of the same apartment in another part of the building, being squatted in by a grubby hacker who leaves pizzas, tortillia chips and energy drinks lying around. It was a lot of fun to redress the same location, but with a different owner in mind.

While both work as a place to play the Shadowrun or Fate roleplaying systems in VR, as was my original intention, both have also grow into worlds to explore in their own right. You can also get back to Apartment Complex Delta by simplying walking out the door (and traversing a loading screen).

Before too long, I hope to make Apt. 303, which will be much like the first two, but will be a small Adventure game. However, the games I’ve made on Sansar are now numerous enough to warrant their own blog post.

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Eliot Miller is a Community Manager, who has previously worked for a mix of B2B and B2C clients, from video streaming technologies to Virtual Reality games. In his free time he designs games, runs community events and watches a lot of esports.

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